The Ice Cream of Joburg

Paul Ballens Homemade Ice Cream

Ice cream; there are not many people in this world that don’t have an appreciation for this creamy cold sweet treat.  There is something Romantic about eating an ice cream that demands your immediate attention to enjoy it—on the spot—before it melts before your eyes. The real good stuff, has an extended lifespan which in-part increasing the enjoyment of every lick.

There are not many out-of-this-world amazing ice creams in Joburg. I found that the more love that is poured into the processing of making food, the more love it gives back. This is true for the most-loved ice cream in Joburg, Paul Ballen’s Homemade Ice Cream. With an abundance of flavours from Green Tea, Dulce de Leche and Peanut butter and Jelly nothing else can match-up. Supreme quality made with much love to present interesting combinations, ice cream at its best. My favourite is finding a Paul’s homemade Peanut butter and Jelly ice cream actually sandwiched together.

Where can you find Paul’s ice cream? pretty much all over now. But the best is at Ice Cream Sunday a once a month event that joins the love of ice cream with the other sweet desirables. Come and get a taste for yourself this Sunday. Or visit Warm & Glad or Love Food for a pre-taste.


Ducle de leche

Peanut Butter

Ice Cream Sunday

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