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IMG_6663There is a pencil thin line between feeling inspired and feeling jealous. A line that is easily ignored, easily erased, and most often breached; yet, the difference between choosing one side or the other is imperative to personal growth.

Inspiration is an experience. It is a tangible moment where something, someone or even personal reflection sparks a spell of enlightenment. When this inspirational moment is truly impressionable, it most likely will outwork itself in some way or another. Remarkable. Despite this, there are many times when we are in a moment that has the potential to be inspirational, but instead we feel jealous. As opposed to extracting any feelings of insight, we rather grow a thick ugly mess of anger and self-deprecation. A mess that is dull and relentless in its task to keep you that way. Take this as your cue to choose to feel inspired, and choose everyday.

Often Einstein is used as the obligatory example of a person of inspiration. It’s true, he is a dynamic human who faced adversity in his career, yet triumphed in developing theories that changed modern science as we know it today. What the stories don’t often explain is that Einstein had very little training in theoretical physics. It was while he worked in an insipid Swiss patent office in a menial position; that he developed his theoretical framework. It is said that looking outside of his office window sparked Einstein’s ideas on the subject. This was not without context; he was a man with interest and most likely read through the journals and theories of the time.

Bombarded by the career climbers, moneymakers, and hustlers; we forget that inspirational people aren’t hard to find. Of course it is very dependent on what it is that you usually draw inspiration from, but it is best not to categorize this for you may lose sight of what can truly shape your decisions. On top of this, the office job breeds the culprit who;slyly dilutes our capacity to feel inspired. An incentive to achieve is generally facilitated and encouraged by competition. When this turns into a race of comparative and undermining of the self or the other, both parties lose.

For a long time, JK Rowling was a person of little significance, to the mass public at least. She was an ordinary single Mom struggling to get by. What if Rowling shut her eyes and bathed in the situation that marked her everyday life? The answer of which we will never know, because instead she did the opposite (thank goodness).

Inspiration comes naturally. Yet, it is seemingly the case that we need to be open to it. Draw from the lessons of others, their success stories and their failures. Acknowledge the voice of jealousy and comparative tendencies, so that you can know who or what things you admire. Then use it, feel it so that you can take a step up in your our personal development.

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