Where I Walk Campaign

Where I Walk

Where I Walk is an initiative I conceived to get people out of their cars and back onto the streets of the City. Currently the focus is on Johannesburg, where I live. Johannesburg is a massive city that has become increasingly concerned with the material and in-door life style. However, this historic city has many secrets and treasures that wait to be rediscovered. I want to discover and document this experience. In this way, I hope to get more people back into the city and to appreciate it on a whole new level. I wrote a little synopsis behind the whole idea, here. Walking is imperative to exploration, it is not passive but requires a decision to put one foot in front of the other, all the while being aware of your surroundings.

I hope to grow this Campaign and inspire the development of Johannesburg’s CBD, the first constructions of the city. Johannesburg is not the only City which deserves a new appreciation. All around the world their a new discoveries and old ones waiting for Pioneers to adventure and document their experience. Join me as I journey around Johannesburg, and hopefully in Cape Town too. Read and then walk. I was inspired by Converse which is an innovative retailer of the legendary Chuck Taylor All Stars. I have chosen these as my Joburg walking kicks of choice! Already my All Stars have walked a great distance where many have never gone before.

If you are inspired by the Where I Walk Campaign, let me know! Tweet, Facebook, Comment, Instagram or which ever social media you prefer. Don’t forget to hashtag #WhereIWalk #katelovesblog #myconverse and where you went! Would love to hear more from you!

Where I Walk.

Lauren-Kate Bydawell.