Beard Season in Joburg


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Having a beard has once again become the appealing thing in the current male style trends. Along with the re-introduction of copious facial hair is the mandatory grooming, of course.

Although Barber shops are few and far between in Joburg, the notion has become wildly popular internationally, with the re-introduction of artisan cut-throats and leather barber chairs. I have been speaking to the seasoned professionals in order to find out how they do it: maintain an epic, long, full and soft beard. Sounds ridiculous, but let’s be honest with ourselves and admit that there is an attractive manly aesthetic that is summed up by a beard.

The Beard Season phenomenon that has flourished through social media, has an awesome cause too; fighting the battle against Melanoma. Get you skin checked and be apart of the gang leading the way to fight against problematic skin illnesses.  There is are three easy steps to follow: get your skin checked, grow a beard and share it with the world. Let your facial hair be an opportunity.

Oils, balms and beard brushes are the ultimate products that need to be used in keeping a healthy growth. Here are two Joburg-based producers that are proving that beard grooming is something of a craftsmanship.

Bonafide Beards

These enthusiasts introduce Mona Bona’s beard products that are ideal for everyday grooming; Beard Balm, Beard Oil, Beard Brush and a handcrafted Cleansing Bar. All products are proudly South African. Take a look at the Start-up pack.

The Captain’s Beard

This bearded gentleman introduces the majestic oil for a great growth.

The beard season is on a fast-track towards continued growth; while it’s happening, you might as well enjoy the experience and attempt to be professional about it.

[The above gentleman is Mark, he walks past my place of work every week, without fail. With a cigarette in hand his hair comb close by,  I thought he presented the essence of former day facial hair. He said I could take a picture, it was awesome.]

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