My story

I have recently moved to Joburg from Cape Town. I have been preparing this year since my first year of Varsity when my husband (then boyfriend) was easing the truth, that Joburg is where the jobs are, and where he will most likely be able to get a Job as a Mechanical Engineer. In the end, The company where Steve works placed us here! It could have been in the middle on nowhere, so I am glad it’s in the City of Gold. We got married, hit the road for a lazy honeymoon that eventually led from the bottom of the country right to the top.

Since arriving to this Massive city, I have taken it upon myself to attempt to uncover every possible gem and beauty this city can offer. It makes my heart smile. Honestly, I am an all or nothing person, especially when it comes to moving. I choose not to look behind, only forward. The only way I can truly enjoy my new home is if I embrace it, take it for what it is and seek its beauty. Joburg first struck my heart while driving through the city late at night, read about it here. This blog, Kateloves, is an integral part of this, fully embracing and letting go while being accountable and documenting my experience.

My Vision is for others, whether they are from Joburg or not, to take off their lenses that block their view to see a Joburg that I do, that is fun, that is opportunistic, beautiful and most of all a place that is sincerely worth seeing! I mean did you ever expect to see this in Joburg? Be honest to yourself now. Share this blog and lets change perceptions, change boring routines and EXPLORE. Watch this space to uncover more, experience more, and love this city! This is not something that I do alone, contact me if you have ideas, collaborations and some great insights of the city.

[Incase you were wondering about the name, Kateloves, I will quickly explain. My name is Lauren-Kate. Kate is a special name to me because all the women on my mom’s side of the family are named from a derivative of Kate. I think that’s special. Kate means pure and holy which reflects a big part of my nature.  On the other side of my family, my beloved Gran’s second name is Love. So I put the two together forming a noun and an verb at the same time, which is useful].